Insulating Duct Work With Spray Foam Insulation

There are good reasons to air seal apartments and homes. It provides an air barrier that will protect you from the harmful effects of air seepage. This helps with energy efficiency and reduces any chances of humidity issues leading to mold or mildew.

Once you own your home, you may want to prioritize and list what needs to be done in terms of repair such as insulation replacement to save on electricity.

Foam insulation has enough flexibility to expand or contract as the house shifts.  This is usually good enough to seal off any air that could possibly get through the cracks. Air can enter through interior and exterior cracks throughout your home. Ceiling walls and floors the some of the main areas in which air is able to escape the house. The spray foam route can eliminate the seepage of air simply because it shifts as the house shifts, preventing any sealed areas to unseal itself.. Every crack will be air tight and your home will stay air tight.


Of course, the older your house the greater the possibility that there are existing gaps and subsequent drafts which may have developed over this time. No matter what the age your home, you should do an inventory using a check list and include air loss inspection throughout the entire house.

Before you apply spray foam insulation, you need to ensure the area is dry and clean. Wipe the surface area to get shot of dust and dirt, and wait for to dry properly before you begin the function. In this way. the spray foam will adhere to the surface area better and form obtained insulating close up. If you are working in the attic and there is old furniture stored there, move the items of furniture out of the way. Get drop sheets so you can cover floors or your furniture. This makes the cleaning process you’re now done more tolerable since just roll inside drop mattress sheets. If you fail to do these things, can end track of spray foam on furniture and rooms. It can then be a chore to gather spray foam from the places frustration it.



Turn off appliances that are not in use. My dad used to say, “Turn off that light!” While one bulb may not make an enormous deal, an air conditioner running needlessly or just a TV on all night can really add to the total electric bill. If you aren’t using it, turn it off. Not only will this save your energy bill, but less energy must be produced (and thus less carbon dioxide will be made). **

Both types of spray foam insulation are widespread in many commercial and residential areas and end up being interchangeable. The above hopefully has given you a better understanding with the differences concerned with the two varieties of spray foam insulation. There are various applications in places you simply cannot use open cell foam.

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