Can I Sell My House With Foundation Problems?


As with any kind of project or repair involving a home’s slab, working with a skilled foundation repair contractor is extremely important.  The contractor has to have the right size, right weight, right capacity, right price, right fit for anything that arises from available issues that surface.  Not only that, these issues concerning a foundation problem has to be addressed right away.

One of the signs that your home needs foundation repair are cracks appearing on the corners of door/window eyeglass frames. If there is a foundation problem, cracks may appear where walls meet other wall structure. These cracks can also certainly be seen commonly by brick fireplace areas.


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So first things first, where can you find a good foundation repair contractor?  Look online to see what are other people are saying about your local foundation repair companies.  There are plenty of reviews on google.  A good company has lots of happy customers that provide good to excellent reviews.


On the flip side, seeing tons of negatives reviews is a likely indicator that the contractor who’s being reviewed can’t be trusted. What if you’ve found a company that seems legit but you can’t seem to find any customer reviews?  Well, it could be they’re a new company in the enterprise.  In that case, you can opt to give them a go and perhaps ask for a discounted rate or go with a more experienced vendor. You want a seasoned professional handling your foundation repair since it is not only a pretty labor intensive job, but also and expensive one.

So when should you get your foundation repaired?  One of the sure signs is when you observe cracking on inside walls.  When this happens, rest assured, the rest of your house will soon see the extension of the concrete or drywall damage.  Other signs are hairline cracks in drywall or sheetrock that extend and outline where one block of sheetrock meet another. Considering the fact that sheetrock cracks so easily, tiny foundational shifts can deliver cracks all around your home’s walls. If you’re buying a used home, despite meticulously inspecting the house, this is something that can be easily missed, especially if these hairline cracks appear behind objects around the home or even under the carpet on concrete itself. If you do happen to spot cracks in drywall or slab, be sure you tell your realtor immediately as they may offer to help repair or event fix it for a discounted rate.



Doing a thorough walkthru on a pre-owned home you’re looking to buy is definitely a good idea. Most foundation repairs, be it slab or pier and beam, can be a costly financial commitment.  The other thing to consider before buying the home even if the realtor aggrees to have the foundation fixed is, in most cases, if there is a foundation problem, you may also have a roof issue.  So its best to get the roof inspected as well.

As the earth under a slab swells, the accumulation and drying of water over time will warp the slab itself.  This can cause heaving which tends to raise flooring and thus cause an uneven look in the flooring of your home.  This is a good sign you have foundation problems in the home.

If you lack the skills to do any type of foundation work such as water proofing your basement, consider hiring a professional foundation repair company to do the job for you. There are many licensed concrete and slab repair specialists especially within the city of Houston where foundation work is common due to harsh and ever changing weather.

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