The Limitations of Hypnosis as a Healing Tool

can hypnosis help you lose weight?Hypnosis can help us explore the various areas of our mind that we’ve never gone to before. It can be used to help us boost our confidence or instill positive changes in our behavior, it can help us have the mentality to endure a weight loss program and keep our will power strong.

As a healing tool, hypnosis can be very effective against anxiety, phobias, and other psychological issues. Like any other method, however, its power remains limited. Hypnosis will not be able to help you with something that is truly physically impossible (e.g. flying) nor can it serve as an all-encompassing miracle cure.

Hypnosis Cannot Cure Medical Illnesses

Physical and medical illnesses are a subject of debate when it comes to hypnosis. Although some anecdotes claim that their physical illnesses have been cured through hypnosis, their improved physical health can most probably be linked to their improved psychological state – a placebo effect.

Some hypnotherapists specialize in working with the terminally ill. They typically use an advanced form of hypnotherapy called hypnoanalysis. In some cases, hypnotherapy patients do survive (and continue to survive) after their situation has been confirmed as “beyond saving”.

The hypothesis for the successful cases is that hypnoanalysis allows the patient to release trapped emotions. After getting rid of such emotions, it enables the body to work as a self-repairing machine. Even if this is indeed possible, this technique is still beyond the scope of even the most experienced hypnotherapists.

Hypnosis Cannot Alter Your Physicality

Hypnotherapists who are just out to make some quick buck usually feed on people’s insecurities. For example, some of them create CDs that claim to work for penis enlargement, breast enlargement, baldness, or growing taller. While it is totally understandable why some people would want to “correct” these issues, hypnosis simply isn’t capable of helping them deal with that.

Hypnosis provides some true value to people who want to improve their mental and emotional well-being. Products that claim that they can make your body look this way or that will only drive people away from the real benefits of hypnosis.

This will only cause disappointment in those who truly believed that hypnosis can change their physical appearance. This gives hypnosis a bad name even when it really works on other things.

Hypnosis Cannot Take Away the Causes of Our Pain       

Hypnosis can be an effective tool in controlling pain or controlling the thought processes surrounding those pains. However, hypnosis cannot take away what is actually causing those pains, unless the source is something that is supposed to be long gone (e.g. a repressed memory).

It cannot stop your nerves from sending pain signals to your brain. It can, however, help your mind filter the painful feelings in such a way that you won’t be affected by any of those stimuli. Hypnosis helps you focus on other things aside from the pain.


Hypnosis can be used to heal the body psychologically and emotionally by allowing you to reach a better state of mind to help stop smoking, lose weight, fight stress and gain confidence. In a sense, this renewed mental well-being can also help you achieve better physical health. However, it is worth considering that it won’t magically cure physical ailments as promised by some so-called experts.

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